Occupy Wall Street and Act for Global Wellness

Thinking about a vacation? Thinking about democracy? Go to Wall Street!! In New York and in your town. This is the exercise, diet, and meditation for the wellness of the people, the "We". Talk about it, study why it is the symbolic act calling for ending the vulgar act of greed of the "I" (me, me, mine) for the uniting of all humans and all living things in the nest of the "We". Together, united as Team Humanity, we can solve our problems for universal well-being. No enemies, no "They". I love this image of the 99%, it is so inclusive. Market capitalism has created this monster that has given astounding increases in income to the richest 1% the last two years while the rest have suffered economic disaster.

Here is a recent article from the New York Review of Books. If you are having some problem understanding why outcry on Wall Street is occurring, consider that this is only the tip of an iceberg of pillaging greed. Go there!! Take a stand for peace and justice. This may be the most important insurance you ever get for your children and their children. This vulgar greed will make us extinct. You, you who read this, can become part of the history that saves humanity; feel the tingles.

I so honor that the protests have been nonviolent, open to all, and persistent. Radiate, grow, thrive. Show the thrills of nonviolent revolution. Please stay dear friends, I am with you every day. Thank you!