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About Glick & Phillips

All over the world, Glick & Phillips create roars of laughter and share their powerful messages on the importance of humor, health and care – it’s magic. Dressed up in lots of color, the two doctors sing and play music. In every audience, they bring out people’s light side and make people think. In each group they infuse compassion, generosity and humor into their life. Here is a list of Glick & Phillips presentations.

Keynotes and Workshops

  • Rubber Chicken Soup for the Workplace – A presentation on stressors in the workplace and how to deal with them using humor and a positive attitude. Includes spoken word, humorous musical interludes and group participation in techniques.
  • Clowning with Gesundheit – An overview of the clowning missionary work performed by folks associated with The Gesundheit Institute, includes photographic and spoken review of “clown trips”. Live music included if desired.
  • Laughter for the Health of It – Includes spoken presentation, pictures, and live music performed by Glick & Phillips discussing and demonstrating the healing power of humor and music. Examples of how these have affected our lives and medical practices are used as well as audience participation.
  • Leading through Example Using Humor and Compassion – Seminar on enhancing leadership with compassionate service and humor. Includes presentation, discussion, group participation, and live music.
  • Live Music Performance by Glick and Phillips – Mandolin, Guitar, and assorted other instruments with duet vocals; songs are humorous and satirical; choice of songs is tailored for the particular audience and often includes new material written specifically for the occasion. The performances are suitable for all ages and usually capture the attention of even young children and octogenarians.

Picture presentations require availability of equipment and venue suitable for Power Point. Live music may require appropriate sound equipment. If desired, such equipment may be supplied by Glick & Phillips for additional fee.

Glick & Phillips will create a special event for you, your audience and your organization.

If you would like to bring Glick & Phillips or another Gesundheit! Speaker to your school, company or organization for a paid lecture or workshop engagement (costs available on request), please contact Patch's exclusive agent and manager, Paige Kearin at The Joy Agency. Inquiries will be returned if your inquiry is in regard to a speaking engagement.


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